Research Professor

Myoung-Hee Kang, Ph.D.

Research professor
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  • Ph.D. in cancer biology, Department of Biomedical Science, Korea University

Academic Background

  • 1Diabetic foot ulcers
  • 2Reverse aging
  • 3Alopecia areata (Hair loss)
  • 4Translational research, Epigenetics, RNA biology, Cancer genomics

Education & Research Experience

  • 2022-present

    Research professor, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center

  • 2020-2021

    Research professor, Ulsan college of Medicine, Biomedical Research center, Institute for Asan Life Sciences, Asan Medical Center

  • 2017-2018

    Postdoc Fellow, Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Life Sciences, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST)

  • 2014-2017

    Research professor, National Research Fellow program for Ulsan college of Medicine, Lab of Cancer Genomics, Biomedical Research center, Institute for Asan Life Sciences, Asan Medical Center

  • 2012-2014

    Research Fellow, Brain Korea 21 program for Biomedical Science, National Research Fellow program for Korea University College of Medicine

  • 2007-2012

    Ph.D. course, major in Cancer biology, the biomedical science, Korea University


  • 2022-2027

    세종과학펠로우십 / 연구책임자

  • 2019-2022

    창의도전연구자지원사업 / 연구책임자

  • 2017-2018

    박사후국외연수사업 / 연구책임자

  • 2013-2016

    리서치펠로우사업 / 연구책임자

Honors and Awards

  • 2012.02

    Best Thesis Award, Korea University Graduate School

  • 2009.10

    Excellent Poster Award, Korea Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology (KSMCB)

  • 2008.06

    Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) Scientific Award, The Annual Meeting of Korean cancer Association

  • 2007-2012

    Winning a Scholarship for participant Researcher of BK21 project from the Korea Research Foundation


  • 2017

    Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating gastric cancer comprising verteporfin as active ingredient (10-17740999) Korea

  • 2019

    Biomarker for predicting resistance or sensitivity to anticancer agent comprising ALDH3A1 (10-1941668) Korea

Publications (SCI Publication List)

  • 01

    Choi YJ, Lee HJ, Kim DS, Kim DH, Kang MH, Cho YH, Choi CM, Yoo JK, Lee KO, Choi EK, Lee JC, Rho JK. Discovery of a novel CDK7 inhibitor YPN-005 in small cell lung cancer. European J Pharmacology. 2021 Sep 15;907:174298. (IF: 5.195)

  • 02

    Kim DH, Park HJ, Choi YJ, Kang MH, Kim TK, Pack CG, Choi CM, Lee JC, Rho JK. Exosomal miR-1260b derived from non-small cell lung cancer promotes tumor metastasis through the inhibition of HIPK2. Cell Death & Disease. 2021 Jul 28;12(8):747. (IF : 9.705)

  • 03

    Kang MH, Eyun SI, Park YY. Estrogen-related receptor-gamma influences Helicobacter pylori infection by regulating TFF1 in gastric cancer. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2021 Jul 23;563:15-22, Epub 2021 May 28.(IF : 3.322)

  • 04

    Ji WJ, Choi YJ, Kang MH, Sung KJ, Kim DH, Jung SY, Choi CM, Lee JC, Rho JK. Efficacy of the CDK7 Inhibitor on EMT-Associated Resistance to 3rd Generation EGFR-TKIs in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines. Cells. 2020 Dec 3;9(12):2596 (IF : 7.666)

  • 05

    Jung YD, Park SK, Kang D, Hwang S, Kang MH, Hong SW, Moon JH, Shin JK, Jin DH, Dalsan Youd, Lee JY, Park YY, Hwang JJ, Kim CS, Suh NY.
    Epigenetic regulation of miR-29a/miR-30c/DNMT3A axis controls SOD2 and mitochondrial oxidative stress in human mesenchymal stem cells.
    Redox Biology. 2020 Oct;37:101716 (IF:10.787)

  • 06

    Cho JM, Lee HJ, Chung JH, Kim WY, Kang MH, Ha KS, Woo SU, Lee JB. Papillary Thyroid Cancer Tumor Spheres Cultured by Passaging Without Sorting Exhibit Cancer Stemness. Anticancer Research. 2020 Jul;40(7):3801-3809 (IF: 2.435)

  • 07

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  • 08

    Kim GH, Lee G, Kang MH, Kim MJ, Jin YS, Beck SJ, Cheon JH, Sung JY, Joo JM. Luminescent Silicon Nanoparticles for Distinctive Tracking of Cellular Targeting and Trafficking. Faraday Discussions. 2020 Jul;40(7):3801-3809 (IF: 4.394)

  • 09

    Park YS, Yoo JH, Kang MH*, Kwon WS, Joo JM. Photoluminescent and Biodegradable Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry B. 2019 Nov 7. 7 (41), 6271-6292 (IF:7.571)

  • 10

    Park AR, Park HJ, Yoon JS, Kang DY, Kang MH, Park YY, Suh NY, Yu JH. Priming with Toll-like receptor 3 agonist or interferon-gamma enhances the therapeutic effects of human mesenchymal stem cells in a murine model of atopic dermatitis. Stem Cell Research & Therapy.
    2019 Feb 22;10(1):66. (IF: 8.098)

  • 11

    Kang SH, Kim BR, Kang MH, Kim DY, Lee DH, Oh SC, Min BW, Um JW. Anti-metastatic effect of metformin via repression of interleukin 6-induced epithelial–mesenchymal transition in human colon cancer cells. PloS One. 2018 Oct 11, 13,10; e02305449. (IF :3.752)

  • 12

    Kang MH, Choi HJ, Lee JH, M Oshima, Cheong JH, Kim SH, Choi HS, Kweon MN, Pack CG, Lee JS, Mills,GB, Myung SJ, Park YY. Estrogen-related receptor gamma functions as a tumor suppressor in gastric cancer. Nature communications. 2018 May 15;9(1):1920.(IF:17.694)

  • 13

    Lee SW, Kwak HS, Kang MH, Park YY, Jeong GS. Fibroblast-associated tumour microenvironment induces vascular structure-networked tumouroid.
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  • 14

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  • 15

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  • 16

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  • 17

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  • 18

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  • 19

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  • 20

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  • 21

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  • 22

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  • 23

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  • 24

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  • 25

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  • 26

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  • 27

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  • 28

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